Day 2 – 20 Facts About You

  1. I have webbed toes. My middle and “index” toe has skin that connect the two.
  2. I think cats make amazing pets
  3. I have two large tattoos. One on each shoulder blade on my back.
  4. I have not been outside of the country since a trip to Canada for Cadets before high school. (can’t remember the year exactly)
  5. I grow hops in my backyard in South Dakota.
  6. I brew my own beer.
  7. I just picked up playing guitar and love it!
  8. Baseball is the best sport. Yes, it beats football!
  9. My first car was an Oldsmobile Olds 88
  10. I own somewhere around 15,000 (yes you read that right) baseball cards.
  11. Give me some data to analyze and you will end up with far more than you want. (I LOVE spreadsheets and data analysis)
  12. Outside of my cousins when they were babies and I was a kid, the first baby I held was my daughter after she was born.
  13. I love South Dakota State University Ice Cream (where cookies and cream flavor was invented)
  14. I have been to 4 different schools but have not graduated with any kind of degree
  15. I never had or needed braces
  16. I have only had 1 cavity in my adult teeth
  17. I played trombone in elementary/middle school. I wanted to play trumpet but my lips were “too big” for the mouthpiece.
  18. I have always lived within 1 hour of where I grew up.
  19. I have one younger brother.
  20. I cry at more movies than my wife does.

Wow! You never realize just how many 20 facts is until you sit down and try to think of them. I would love to hear some facts about you as well so share some in the comments if you would like!

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