Days 4/5/6… Whoops!

Well things got away from me over the weekend so here are the days I missed along with todays!

Day 4 – Your Dream Job: Thinking about this one there are honestly a number of things that I would consider a dream. Working in Yellowstone National Park with the bears, running a golf course, professional fisherman, motivational speaker, own a brewery. Pretty wide range of things right!? Well, to be honest, I feel like a couple of these could be done together. The last two on my list are probably my biggest ones. I have always wanted to help people and almost went to college to become a youth pastor. To make a difference in the world is truly my dream and that is kind of what a motivational speaker does. Making beer isn’t just fun, it’s tastey! If I were to ever open a brewery, I know that I would still want to make a difference. There are several companies that donate part of their profits to charities or have their own.

If you can see the common theme, I just want to make a difference in the world. Well there is one “job” that I already have where I get to do just that. Dad. There is nothing more powerful than raising a child to be good and the perks are endless!

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment: The easy answer of course is when my daughter was born. But lets face it, my part of that wasn’t very difficult! Looking at the last year of my life, I can point to several moments that have made me proud of myself. Making it through chemo, my first 9 hour surgery to remove my tumor/rebuild my hip and femur, walking for the first time about 3 months after that surgery and for the first time since 8 months prior, standing up after my amputation, walking 1.5 miles in a cancer walk 2 1/2 months after my amputation. So many. So I guess you could say the last year of my life is my proudest moment. I didn’t give up even though there were times I wanted to. And now. I get to show my daughter what you can really go through and what it means to persevere.

Day 6 – What are You Afraid Of: Lions, tigers and bears; no problem. Spiders, heights, failure; Oh My!!!! Just a picture of a spider will give me the creeps. In our house, it is very much my wife that has to kill the spiders. And I am not afraid to admite that! Stupid little things! (yes I understand that they serve a good purpose but I don’t care!) Heights can literally paralyze me to the point where I don’t think I can move. Once you get above about 10 feet in the air, I’m done. Flying in a plane is horrible! The biggest and the one that has kept me from doing many things is failure. I’m afraid of being a failure as a dad, husband, son. I fear failing at work. It is difficult for me to get myself to enter brewing contests in case they don’t like my beer. Same with playing guitar in front of anyone. What if, well I should say when, I mess up? I guess you could say that the fear of failure is just as paralyzing as my fear of heights. Once I hit a certain point, it is unimaginably difficult to keep going and not turn around.


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