Day 15 – Where Will You Be in 5 Years

Where will I be in 5 years? This is hard for me to say. I can honestly answer in 2 different ways. There is where I would LOVE to be in 5 years and then there is where I believe I will be in 5 years. So I will give you both answers.

Where I would LOVE to be in 5 years is “working” as a motivational speaker. Going around to churches, businesses, schools, organizations, whoever wants to hear me babble on. I would love to have a book published about my journey. If I am unable to have another child of my own, strong chemo sucks for fertility, I would like to have another. If I cannot, then we would have adopted. Maybe even 2 more kids by that point. Adelynn would be 8 years old so prime time for me to start embarassing her. I will have won a homebrew competition or two and maybe even had one of my recipes purchased by a brewery. I love SD, most of the time at least, and so would still be living here.

Where do I believe I will be? Pretty close to that but still working while doing some minor speaking engagements. Working on a book at best if I have even started. I do believe we will have one more child. A homebrew contest win is possible as long as I am able to keep up the time and we will still be here in South Dakota.

Yeah. I know. Anything is possible. And while I really do believe that, I also tend to be very realistic. Ask me this question on May 24, 2018 and then again on May 26, 2018 and you would get two wildly different answers. Life happens fast. So while I plan on starting, or have already started, making my ideal next 5 years happen, I know that maybe that isn’t what happens. Going back for many years, I have always had an interest in helping people. I was often a listening ear for friends. I volunteer on the HopeLine and took phone calls and chats almost every Sunday night. I almost went to school to major in Youth Ministries. Maybe. Just Maybe. This last year was God’s way of pushing me away from just existing and into what He intended me to do while I’m on this earth.

So what about you? Where will you be in 5 years? Maybe where you are on day 1 of your 5 year journey. Maybe you are starting year 15 of your “5” year journey. Either way, what are you waiting for? Start today. Right now. It is proven that if you tell yourself “I’ll start next week” or something similar… you won’t. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right now. And maybe what you have planned changes tomorrow after some news that you get. That’s ok. I bet you won’t regret having started whatever it is that you did.

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