Day 16 – Thoughts on Education

And so the day that I have dreaded arrives. Education. One of the things that seems to divide so many peole!! On one hand, you have the people who say the way they learned was just fine and look at what they made of themselves with that. On the other hand, you have the folks who look at our numbers compared to other countries and say that things need to change. And I think the only ones that really lose are the kids.

I’ll admit, I am someone who is mostly in the old school thought. I mean common core math… I don’t know if I will be able to help my kid with her school work!! That said, we are also very low compared to other countries so clearly there is something going on. Canada spends a lower percentage on education and has “little to no involvement” by their federal government when compared to the US. Both countries give states/provinces the ability to have their own ways of doing education. One thing I’ve noticed though is that there is greater consistency from top to bottom in Canada. So the question I believe that needs to be answered is how do we close that gap?

Now, I am not talking about making everyone equal with school. That will never happen. Lebron James is better at basketball than I am. Stephan Hawking was FAR smarter than I will ever be. People are not equal. But we all deserve an equal chance. When you are in a school district with low income, odds are, your school will have a lower budget. Thus it will not have the best teachers, the best equipment, the best chances to learn. How do we do that, I don’t have the answer. But it is time that our leaders stop fighting and actually worry about the country and find solutions!!

Another thing that I find interesting is that we expect 18 year olds to know what they want to do with their life. In my first 3 semesters I had 3 different majors. And I honestly still don’t know what I want to do… (this cancer and amputation have changed that again) Yes I know that a lot of people who don’t go to college right away don’t start. So why not have cheaper options to get basic college credits without having to choose a major?! Instead of internships being your final year of school, why not have kids take “internships” earlier before they choose a career. It would require business to partner with Universities and Colleges to help but in the long wrong, that should just help them. Instead of a class that was honestly mostly bogus on “this is college….” I would have been so much better off with a class that allowed me to shadow different positions for a semester.

Again, I don’t have all of the answers but I do believe that something needs to change. I think as a country we need to stop being too proud, look at what other countries above us are doing, and integrate the best of everything. We say that you can do whatever you want to in this country but are we allowing kids that opportunity?

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