Could It Really Always Be Worse?

Who doesn’t love Calvin and Hobbs?! If the above frame is your first time reading it, do yourself a favor and look up more!! Not only is it funny, but there are many things that you could actually take from it for real life.

We ALL at one time or another have used or heard the line, “It could always be worse” in our lives. But wait, that can’t be true for everyone! Someone out there has it the worst right? What if that is me! And even if it isn’t, like Calvin says, it could be a lot better too. So by that logic, someone has to have it the best too. Why should I compare myself to the person that has it the worst? Why can’t I compare myself to the person that has it the best? Or better yet, why am I even comparing myself to someone at all? We’ve also all heard numerous times NOT to compare ourselves to other people… so which one is it?

To me, I don’t think you should compare yourself to anyone else. Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t understand that it could be worse or better for YOU. It could be worse… I could have lost both of my legs or even worse yet… my life. But it could be better… I could have kept my leg or better yet… never had cancer! My cancer has less than 130 cases in medical literature and my amputation accounts for maybe half a percent of all amputations. When I watch videos of amputees I often find myself saying, “He is ONLY a below knee amputee, of course he can do that!” As hip level amputees we often say someone is “just” an above knee amputee.

On the flip side, I find myself saying that I am lucky my cancer has only killed 2 of the 130 people that have been recorded. Shortly before my diagnosis the company I work for lost someone to cancer and while I was going through my treatment someone else there passed away due to cancer. I have even said that I was “lucky” to get what I got. I’ve heard a doctor say that if you have to get cancer, there are certain kinds to get… like anyone really has a choice…

You might be asking yourself by this point, where on earth are you going with this… get to your point guy! I am saying that you shouldn’t compare your situation to anyone else. A situation goes far below what you can see on the surface. Someone that lost a couple fingers might actually be worse off than me losing a leg and half a pelvis. Someone that was suffering and in great pain might be better off passing away from their cancer than continuing to hold on. Instead of comparing yourself to anyone else, focus on your own happiness.

James 1: 2-4 reads: Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faithproduces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. Everything we go through in life, no matter how small, develops who you are. Two people can go through the exact same thing, and respond differently. The way you respond is what determines whose situation is worse or better. So stop looking at everyone else’s life and saying theirs is better or worse. Start looking at your response. Could your response be worse or better?

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