Day 19 – Your Favorite Movie

Again, this one is harder than it probably should be! I’ve never been a huge movie watcher but there are a few that I enjoy and can watch over and over. Personally, my favorite movie and one that I could watch a countless number of times and not get sick of watching it is Top Gun. I don’t have any deep thoughts on why or anything. I just like it. Another that I enjoy is Windtalkers. Some of my other favorites are The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Natural, Field of Dreams, and Trouble With the Curve.

As a dad, I certainly cannot leave out the vast array of Disney movies that we watch. I could probably quote Tangled, Ice Age, and Frozen without having to have them playing and none of the 3 are all that bad. I do like Lion King and the first real date for my wife and I was actually going to The Croods so I have no problem watching kids movies as an adult. We are all kids at heart right?!

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