Day 22 – Your Worst Habits

Who doesn’t like broacasting their worst habits all over the net… This is another post that I haven’t been looking forward to. Here we go…

  • I play with my hair… constantly
  • If I don’t have a very specific budget, I lost track of what I have spent
  • I spend more time than I should on my phone
  • I fidget constantly
  • I rarely eat breakfast
  • I never wear sunscreen
  • I am overly critical of myself (might be why this is my longest list so far…)
  • I give up easily when I don’t excel right away at something
  • I don’t start if I don’t think I have a highly probability of succeeding
  • I can be argumentative when it isn’t needed

Some of these I have started taking steps to correct. I have deleted all the games on my phone. I’m trying to remember sunscreen and to eat breakfast. We budget and I check and update it every day. Some of them I have just accepted and try to minimize when I am around people I know don’t like it. I still fidget but have found ways to not shake the floor with my leg shaking. I still play with my hair but try to find something else to do to keep my hands busy when I am sitting by my wife.

The beauty of being a human being is that there will always be “worst habits.” Your idea of what is the worst changes. Right now it might be not eating breakfast but in a couple years it might be not eating a healthy breakfast. There is always something for you to improve upon in your life.


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