Day 26 – Your Hidden Talent

If I broadcast it on the interwebs is it really a hidden talent anymore?? I guess it’ll become my not so hidden talent now!! I’m pretty good with numbers. Statistics and analytics particularly. And no I’m not talking about math. I took a few days of calc and said no more. Imaginary numbers and things like that??? How? THEY’RE IMAGINARY!!

Real data though… that’s another story. I love pouring over things and finding trends and outliers and seeing what conclusions can be drawn from them. I have a spreadsheet I use for fantasy baseball that takes 3 years prior for a certain number of players at each position and their projections for the current year. On top of that, it tells me what the point drop off is and shows me the best players left at each position on one page. It’s allowed me to be quite successful in my league!

I am the weird guy that plays with spreadsheets and software like Tableau for fun! In my first year of college I took a 400/500 level stats course not knowing what that meant. I was a freshman in a class with 1 senior and the rest being graduate students. I didn’t know how to use the software they used on the computers so I did it all manually. When the computers went down, I was the popular one in the class!! I got an easy A. Yes… I am a bit of a nerd.

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