What’s In Your Closet

Well I survived the fridge post so we’ll see if I survive this one…

Much of the closet is my wife’s. Not that that probably surprises anyone!! I’ve got a bin full of ties (probably close to 30), a number of baseball hats, my binoculars, a few decorative things, dress shirts/pants, and my blazer. What you can’t see are the dirty clothes hampers and piles of shoes.

This is on the list of things to go through and clean/organize some weekend. I was worried when I lost my leg that I would need to get a completely new set of clothes. Turns out, when you eat like 5 meals a day, you put on all the weight you lost pretty quick!! With my surgeon being able to keep a good amount of muscle and tissue I also kept a decent amount of “hip” even though the bone is gone.

Planning on wearing my prosthesis also helps that. I don’t have to modify my pants and shorts to sew up the left leg. I know a lot of folks end up needing to do that instead of letting the material hang or folding it. Wearing a prosthesis makes it so that I don’t have to do that. Plus, it doesn’t bother me to wear shorts or swim trunks and just have the left side hanging there.

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