My Hope for My Blog

I could go with the easy answer here and say that I just want to help one person. If just one person is helped in any way by some of my ramblings, then it is all worth it. And yes… that is true. If just one person is helped, it is worth it. That does not begin to encompass what my hopes are for this, however.

  1. I hope to reach as many people as possible. Whether it be people finding my blog online, through my facebook, word of mouth, or in the future through speaking engagements, I want to reach everyone. Not just parents. Not just cancer patients. Not just amputees. Not just amputee parents who have cancer. But everyone.
  2. I hope to bring awareness to some of the challenges that amputees face. Even something as simple as opening a door at a business or taking a shower comes with a whole new set of challenges.
  3. I hope to show that a disability does not define you. Yes… things have changed both externally as well as internally but I am still me. Having cancer or an amputation does not change who you are.
  4. I hope to connect with other amputees, parents, and/or cancer patients. The honest truth is that not everyone can understand what it is like. To get told you have cancer, go through chemo, and surgeries. To have an entire part of you cut off and have to find your new normal. And to be a parent and husband along with these things.
  5. I hope to show people the love that God has for all of us. If you are reading this and going through some horrible season in your life, I know that statement doesn’t seem real. But it is. Even when life sucks, He is there. Looking back at everything, it is easy to see that he didn’t take everything away and give me the easy way out, but He was surrounding us with His love.

I don’t want to stop at just one person. I want to reach the whole world.


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