Life Advice from 50 Beloved Characters in Kid’s Entertainment

I want to start a new “series” if you will. Plus, who doesn’t love watching kids movies and there are so many remakes and things like that of the movies I watched as a kid! The Lion King, Toy Story 4, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast… just to name a few. While I am not a huge comic fan, I have heard about many of them through the years watching Big Bang Theory as well. Every Monday I will have a new quote and let you know what my take is on it.

Starting out is The Flash – “Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” I had never heard this before I came across this list but I think we’ve all heard something similar at some point. What we do with our life is what matters. How we live our life is what is remembered. I truly believe that nobody is put on this earth to just exist. We do all have a purpose while we are here. It is why I started my blog and Peg Leg Dad Facebook page. It is why I want to reach out to as many people as I can.

For some of us, it takes losing a limb or going through cancer. For others it takes losing a loved one or almost losing themselves. And yet for others, they know what that purpose is without needing to get a 2×4 smacked upside their head! But we all have a purpose. It doesn’t have to mean that you have a Facebook page. Maybe just smiling to people you see on the street. Maybe you’ve been blessed and can financially support a struggling family. Maybe you’re a prayer warrior. Maybe raising your kids to be upstanding members of society. It could be so many things. What is important is that you find that purpose and live it out.

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