Facing the Yankees of Your Life

Last night was intense to say the least. I haven’t had that much excitement watching my beloved Twins play since the wild card game 2 years ago. Wouldn’t you know it, it was against the same team… The New York Yankees… I’ve heard people say often that they have two favorite teams, whoever they like and the team playing the Yankees. Let’s face it, we love to hate them. They win. A lot! They have money and spend it. And they kick our butts every year.

As a Twins fan, I’ve just conceded that we’re going to lose when we play them. And it almost seems like the players feel that way too… until this year. It’s a new team with new leadership and new players. The Yankees lineup is more dangerous than ever but you can tell the Twins players feel like theirs is better. They don’t give up. If they get behind, they claw and fight back. Last night was no exception! While they ended up losing, it was one of their best games against arguably baseballs most storied franchise.

We all have “Yankees” in our lives. The question is how we react to them and how we approach them. Do you go in knowing you’re 0 for the century against them? Or do you go in saying you’re 0 for 0 this game. Maybe you’ve even been kicking their butt lately so you’re going in with confidence. I can tell you right now, if you go in thinking like the first one, you’ll lose. Every time. You have to become that new team. You’re different this go ’round than you were last time. Maybe you even have a new coach.

You’re going to take some punches. You’ll give up the go ahead home run in the top of the 9th sometimes. But you’ve still got the bottom of the inning. Even when they throw their closer at you, their best pitcher, you have to go at it like you’re the best. You take the info your analytics folks have given you, past experience, words from your coach, and your own guts and you step into the box.

What are you thinking? Are you thinking don’t screw this up? Or are you thinking I’m the greatest of all time?

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