Life Advice from 50 Beloved Characters in Kid’s Entertainment – Olaf

I have to admit, I used to HATE this movie. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hated hearing “Do you wanna build a snowman?”!!!! Now, after having my daughter and seeing the movie so much I feel like I could quote it word for word, it’s not so bad. I even bought a song book so that I could attempt to learn some of the songs on my guitar. (It isn’t going well for those of you wondering!) We all love Olaf, don’t we? He’s the loveable goof that somehow seems to add not only comedic value but real life value.

“Some people are worth melting for.” It is a simple yet powerful statement. I am reminded of a story I read online about a little boy who thought that donating his kidney to his sister meant he would die. Probably not a true story but certainly rings true. For Olaf, melting meant that he would die. It may not have been said as directly as that, but it would be mighty difficult to make him a snowman again. In a short time, Anna became such an important person to him that he was willing to die.

He knew that starting that fire was what was needed. Who would you be willing to start a fire for? I imagine, and know, that most of you reading this are parents and I am pretty confident in saying that we would all die for our kids. I know I would and I saw it in my own dad. For him, seeing me go through cancer and facing amputation, I know that he would have traded places in heartbeat. I would do exactly the same thing for my daughter. But not just her. I can think of a lot of people I would die for. That list may have shrunk now that I am married and have my daughter but it is still there.

Just months before I was diagnosed, I got a call from Be The Match (a bone marrow registry), that I was a match for a 32 year old female with AML. The fraternity I was in had a drive at our campus and naturally we all registered. I had always dreamed of getting that call but when it came in, my heart was racing. I did the testing and it turned out I was a match for her but she was not ready. Then, just a couple months later, I had started my own battle with cancer and am no longer eligable. Getting registered is easy, you just need to do a check swab. Donating isn’t much worse honestly. You get to save a life and don’t even have to melt to do so. I would love to hear that some of you have registered. It is even free to do so. Go to and join. You may never even get called, but if you do you get to save a life. Please consider joining and if you have questions or if you register, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Life Advice from 50 Beloved Characters in Kid’s Entertainment – Olaf

  1. I enjoyed/appreciated this post, Matt. My son works for Be the Match in St Paul, and I’m hoping I can figure out a way for him to read this.
    Keep writing! Your skills are growing!


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