3/16 of an Inch

3/16 of an inch. If you have a ruler, grab it. Look at how small that is. Did you a height difference in one stair of that little bit will make you trip and fall? That’s it. That’s all it takes to masked you stumble. Or in my case, that’s all it took to make me walk. The day after my frustration I had an appointment set to stop by my prosthetists office and do some more walking.

After a few passes in the parallel bars and talking about things, we shortened the leg by 3/16 of an inch. I realized as we were standing there that I did feel tilted before that. I hadn’t noticed it before. It’s such a small amount, but man did it make a difference! I was able to walk pretty easily, all things considered! And now Monday I start therapy to really get the hang of things. There will probably be more adjustments along the way. And that’s ok!

It got me thinking about other things in life that get me frustrated. How many of those could be better with a minor change? How many things had I given up on in life or lost sleep over when I needed to do was shorten the leg by 3/16 of an inch? I bet a lot. I bet there were even things that only need 1/8 of an inch or even 1/16, but I didn’t adjust. Maybe I didn’t know I needed to make it or maybe I didn’t know how. That’s why I have a prosthetist. He has the schooling and experience. Find your prosthetist and get help making that little 3/16 of an inch adjustment. You might surprise yourself with the results!

One thought on “3/16 of an Inch

  1. What a great life-lesson! A good reminder for each of us that there are many things in our lives to make us trip, stumble, and even fall. It’s key to look up, get up, never give up!

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