5 things I miss about 2 legs – Day 1

I am going to do 5 days of things I miss about having 2 legs. 2 human flesh and bone legs. They won’t be in any particular order so don’t read too much into that. It’s just 5 things I miss.

Day 1 is simply being able to carry things. When both hands are on crutches, carrying things becomes virtually impossible. The picture above is a portion of my beer making set up. It is truly impossible for me to carry my kettle, fermenter, or keg. Are there ways I could do it without carrying it, sure. But I miss it!

I miss being able to go out to eat and carry my food and drink to the table or my car. Again, can I make it work, sure. It’s not easy. Not comfortable. And looks very awkward!! And sometimes it’s nice to just blend in and not draw attention to myself!

Most of all, I miss being able to carry my daughter. The other day she was next to me at Qdoba and wanted to look at the stuff but was just too short. Instinctively, she turned towards me and reached up asking to be picked up. I had to tell her no. The look on her face hurt. She just wanted dad to hold her. If I have something to brace against I can pick her up but that doesn’t happen very often when she wants to be held the most!

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