5 things I miss about having two legs – day 2

I alluded to it yesterday in my post. Can you guess what it is? The picture probably gives it away too. I miss being able to just go unnoticed sometimes. Being able to disappear into a crowd if you will. That just really doesn’t happen anymore.

As humans, we are usually pretty good at noticing what’s different. Whether that is height, skin color, age, weight, hair color, eye color… I could go on forever. (There’s nothing wrong with noticing a difference either by the way! Acting differently is where you get into trouble!) You see it in little kids. They see that there is a difference but generally it’s from a place of curiosity. They stare at someone that’s different. But adults do it too.

When we go somewhere that I know will be a lot of walking or standing, I’ll bring my wheelchair and use that. When people can see my whole figure, they notice that my leg is missing. I just can’t hide. I’ve gotten pretty good at not even noticing anymore and I feel like I carry myself with confidence which helps. Sometimes it’s hard not to notice though.

You might be asking why I even feel this way. “You have a blog centered around having one leg…” may even be the thought you have right now. You’re right! I am glad to be a face for amputation and cancer. I’m glad to help show people that life is just as good if not better after. But sometimes, I would like to just be “normal” and fit in.

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