What I miss most about having 2 legs – day 3

I miss my athleticism. I have always been someone who could pick up most sports quickly and be competitive. I played softball on our work team and played SS. I could throw better than average with a baseball at carnival games and such. I carried a single digit handicap golfing only 1 time a week. I played soccer and basketball growing up.

None of them did I have the passion for like I do golf so that was the one sport I focused on most but I could have focused on any of them and been competitive. My legs were always my strength too. Now my right leg is stronger than it’s ever been but I don’t have it’s cohort. Sure I can probably get good enough with my leg to be active and I will golf again and play softball and things but I’ll never be as good.

I always dreamed of coaching Adelynn and showing her everything. Now I’ll just have to explain it. (If she even wants to! She’s got her mothers lack of coordination so far…) In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty small peanuts. But sports have always been a part of my life. My athleticism is something I’ve taken pride in. (Maybe that’s another lesson God felt I needed to learn.)

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