Life Only Has One Gear and One Speed

The beauty of life is that it’s predictable. Yes… you read that right. It’s predictable. You’re born, you age, and eventually you die. Sure, there are details in between all of that but the basics are simple. You can’t go backwards, you can’t stop, you can’t shut it off. It just keeps rolling forward. One year, one day, one hour, one minute, one second.

Some of us run out of time sooner than others. Some of us break down more than others. Some of us lose bumpers or headlights. Some of us spend way too much time in a garage or in the shop. But time doesn’t stop.

Sometimes you’re driving through Western Nebraska… there’s nothing but smooth, straight roads. Other times, you have to take the exit off the interstate by crossing 4 lanes of traffic at 75mph. But there are no brakes.

The thing is, you do have control over so much. You get to control what window you’re looking out of. Are you stuck staring out the rear view mirror or are looking out the windshield. Sure, it’s good to look back sometimes, but you will crash if that’s your focus. You have to look forward, realize that what’s behind you is behind you, and enjoy the ride. You never know when it’s going to end.

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