Who cares!?

Who cares what people think?! Easy to say. Far more difficult to actually live. We all say it though. We’ve told our kids, or spouses, ourselves. Probably numerous times even. Yet how many of us actually BELIEVE it?

I can tell you now that I don’t always believe it myself. There have been things I’ve done or haven’t done purely because I’m afraid of what people will think. I can’t dance (and now at least I get to use my lack of a left foot not just having two left feet as an excuse!!). Unless it was the jitterbug when I was in college I look ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said no to dancing all because I don’t want to look like an idiot.

There is a guy by the name of Josh Sundquist that I follow. He’s a hip level amputee due to cancer when he was a kid. He’s been in the Paralympics and written a couple books. He does amazing Halloween costumes. He’s even got a comedy show he does. One of his recent videos he posted was about something he did when he was training for the Paralympics. He called a girl every day one summer even though she never called him back. Later in life he wanted to find out why so he asked her. She didn’t even remember what he was talking about! He put it this way – what was probably the most embarrassing thing in his life for him, wasn’t even something the other person involved in remembered.

We are all at the center of our own universe so we think everyone remembers everything about us. But as he put it, if we’re all at the center of our own universe, nobody is actually paying that close of attention to you!

So who cares what anyone else thinks?! Give them a few days, maybe it’ll take a couple weeks or months, but give it time and nobody will remember. (Unless it’s caught on video or posted on social media… I can’t help you then!!)

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