It’s All About Perspective

I am currently sitting in the waiting room for my oncologist at the U of MN. My oncologist back home left the decision up to him. He’s going to to talk about whether or not we need to cut a chunk of my lung out, and I’m not all that worried. After being told half of my pelvis was coming out, this sounds like a cake walk. I bet most of you wouldn’t have the same thought as me though. What would you be thinking if you were sitting here in my spot?

Ok ok… so it wouldn’t be THAT dramatic. If it came to it, they would basically do a scope sort of procedure, cut a wedge out where the module is, and sew it back together. But still… not something that sounds very comforting! Until you’ve been through everything else I’ve been through.

How often do we have something happen in lives that we feel like is horrible? Yet someone else going through the exact same thing is just happy that is all it is. And even the other way around! Your life experiences shape how you see the world. None of us see it the same.

While you might think what someone is going through is a big deal, to them it might be.

Plus how YOU see your situation matters. You can choose to see the worst, I have a spot on my lungs that’s growing slowly, or you can choose to see the positive, it’s an easy surgery to remove and there’s NOTHING else on my scan. My wife will gladly tell you, I’ve been pretty pessimistic in my life. I always called it being a realist. But that was a lie. I try my best to just enjoy every day now and see whatever positives there are.

It can make all the difference in the world.

One thought on “It’s All About Perspective

  1. Matt. I surely hope and will pray, too, that this nodule is the last of cancer for you! Keep your positive attitude. Of course that includes knowing and living the truth that every moment of your life is (all of our lives are)in God’s hands. He uses various means to help us learn that truth!


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