Coming Together

It’s been a wild few days around here. We’ve had 3 tornados and a massive amount of rain causing pretty major flooding. And it all happened around 9/11. The time that we all look back at a horrible moment in our nations history. A time that brought our country as together as it’s been in a long time. We use the hashtag never forget and talk about it once a year. But then everyone seems to forget.

Everyone forgets what it’s like to just care for your neighbor. On that day nobody saw race or religion or gender or sexuality. Excuse my language here but nobody gave a damn! PEOPLE just helped PEOPLE. Everyone vowed to “never forget” but they did.

Then we had 3 tornados the other night. Local businesses and food trucks gave free meals to first responders, families without electricity, and families without homes now. Breweries gave profits from their sales to the tornado relief fund that was set up. The mayor posted a story about some kids from down the street who brought a hot casserole to a family whose house was destroyed the worst. People car together.

Now other towns in the area and other parts of Sioux Falls are dealing with horrible flooding. Homes and businesses are under water. Some of them for the second time this year even. More farmers fields are flooded out, if they even got them planted. People are coming together to help and will continue as the flooding peaks and then subsides.

To go along with that, I’ve had people wait longer than normal, and I mean MUCH longer, to hold a door open for me after my amputation. It’s great and it’s nice. But I wonder why they make that effort for me and not everyone? I’ll see the same people not bat an eye at the parent trying to wrangle kids into the store. Or the old lady slowly making her way to the door. Or anybody for that matter.

Why is it that it takes a tragedy, a terrorist attacking, an amputation or other disability, a massive flood or whatever else may happen, for people to come together. We’ve all heard it. Why can’t we all just get along!? Well how many are living it? At a time when our country is at its most divided, we all need to remember. Remember what happens when people COMPROMISE and WORK TOGETHER. When people realize that they may not have all the answers or the best way.

We say #NeverForget once a year… but then we do. We band together for a few days or weeks after a natural disaster… but then we put our blinders back on. I’ll never accept someone saying that you’re not always able to help someone. That’s a lie. Maybe you can’t give money but you can give a hug or a smile. Maybe you can’t help rebuild someone’s house but you can provide a hot meal. Or a prayer. Or a “thinking of you text.” You’d be surprised how much something that seems so small can mean to someone.

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