You can’t please everyone…

Guess what… no matter what you do you’ll piss someone off today. This goes along with my last post a little bit and a lot bit about the last post of someone I’ve come to consider a friend. I may even catch some pretty good flak myself for this and that’s alright!!! (I’ve asked her if it’s ok for me to post this and she’s given me the green light.)

She posted about something she said to her daughter after a potty training accident. We’ve all been there! And oh boy did the interwebs go after her. The comments from people are very saddening. People telling her she was a bully and then doing the exact same to her! The line so many seemed to miss was “And my heart broke.” ……Doesn’t sound like an abusive mom to me.

Hell… when my daughter gets one of her tiny little owies on her leg or finger or whatever, I ask if we need to cut it off like my leg or if she’s going to be fine and stop crying. Very similar to what I got told growing up and I think I turned out alright.

It’s the downside to being in the “limelight” if you will of having a blog. Especially if it’s in the religious realm or parenting realm. Or good luck if you do both! The quote and image above is from the show The Last Man Standing. I LOVE that show. And it’s something I think EVERYONE should take to heart. Not just someone with a blog. You’re going to have people disagree. If they decide to berate you, let them. Maybe that mom who’s been struggling read your post and felt some relief. Maybe she said to herself “I’m not the only one…” and it gave her the courage to push through.

So to my friend The One Legged Mommy – let them talk. They’ll be triggered by someone else soon enough and forget about you. To everyone else reading this, who cares what people think. Be you. If you’re a genuine person, you’re good. God is the only judge that matters in the end.

One thought on “You can’t please everyone…

  1. What you have said is so true. You can please all of the people some of the time
    But you can’t please everyone, all of the time


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