An Open Letter To Today’s Christians

I’m going to say some things in this post that might upset some people. But that’s ok. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard something very similar before the pastor at my church has started his sermons. Let’s face it, Jesus said a lot of things and did a lot of things that upset people in his day. Sometimes things need to be said though and we all could use a reminder. After all, we aren’t perfect.

Everyone knows the golden rule right? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or put another way, treat everyone with respect and kindness and always show them love. That does NOT mean that we judge them or tell them they’re going to hell or whatever. It just means love them. I see a lot on Facebook about Christians not loving someone that is gay/lesbian, trans, etc. You can disagree with something and still love them. There’s so many times that I see judgement and hate from Christians towards that group. We got tickets to go see Lauren Daigle in May and she’s taken some flak for similar statements. I liked her before and I love her even more now!

I have friends that are not Christians that are far better people than myself. They treat everyone the same. No matter what.

I think part of this all comes from us being “lazy” if you will. We have nothing to keep us from talking about our faith and what we believe in places like the US. And I think we take it for granted. I sure do. I can write this and not worry one bit. In other parts of the world, Christians meet in secret for fear of being killed. They try to show others God’s love while knowing that it may lead to their death. Their faith is constant tested. Ours, not so much. It takes something like cancer to make us reach out to Him. I was pretty stagnant in my faith at the time because life was fine. Don’t let that become you. Don’t make God take a 2×4 to your head for you to get it.

In short, just love people and keep growing in your faith!

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