My 1 Year “Ampuversary”

This is the last picture of my left leg. I took this one year ago as I was waiting for surgery. (The blacked out part is my drain since my tumor was causing tons of bleeding.) It sounds weird but I wanted a picture of my leg before it was removed. I had an epidural placed, meds given, and was wheeled back to the OR. When I woke up, I was officially an amputee.

Two groups nobody wants to join… cancer and amputation. Certainly not at the age of 29! When you think about your life, what would you do differently today if tomorrow became a member of one of those groups? I know I would certainly do some things a little differently.

I would have danced with my wife more. And not just slow dances, those ones I always called stupid and didn’t want look goofy doing. I would have carried my daughter more and spun her in circles. I would have enjoyed playing sports more and not taken them so seriously. I would have taken better care of myself health-wise. I wouldn’t have been focused so much on trying to get the next raise or promotion at work and more on helping people and spending time with family and friends.

Take a minute today to think about that yourself. What if you knew that you were going to spend 40% of the next year in the hospital and housebound? Don’t wait like I did to make that change! You have a chance to get a head start! Some of you WILL find yourself in my shoes, well… shoe.

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