Do The Next Right Thing

The other day I was going through all of my medical records and came across these two images. These were the first images taken that showed there was a problem. Can you tell which side is the problem?! You don’t need a degree to figure it out! There was so much damage done to the bone that it doesn’t even resemble it in the one picture. 

To think that I was walking around on that is crazy. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d started the process earlier. Instead of just trying to live with the pain for so long. Would it have been caught earlier and been able to keep my leg? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the pain that I was feeling in my knee really didn’t have anything to do with cancer and was just something else. I’ll never know.

Even though I sometimes think about that, I don’t let it bother me like I used to other stuff. I used to get down about not finishing school and not continuing in golfing, and giving up on other sports. It used to keep me awake at night. Looking at those things now, they’re trivial. Yet they used to keep me up at night.

Ask the right person about something like losing their leg and they’d say that’s trivial. Maybe it’s someone that just unexpectedly lost a loved one and didn’t get a chance one last time to tell them they loved them. Or someone that just found out their spouse of 50 years no longer remembers who they are.

We all have things that we wish we would have done differently. Or said or not have said. It’s part of life. None of us are perfect. The key is to not dwell on those things. Accept that it happened. Forgive yourself or the other person. And to steal a line from Frozen 2 “Do the next right thing.”

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