Mental Health

Today has been a difficult day. It’s been a down day. And for no real reason. I started the day with a fantastic message from someone I respect. Work was… well work so nothing negative. My phantom pain has been manageable, considering the weather change. Bentley has been about as good of a puppy as he could be. Yet I’m down today. I haven’t even missed a day of my medications.

That’s just how anxiety and depression works. Life can be going great, but you’re just stuck. You just want to crawl into bed. The what if’s don’t stop and turning your brain off becomes ever more difficult. That’s where I’m at currently.

I don’t tell you this so that you’ll feel sorry for me. Believe me, there are very few of these days anymore for me. After finally saying something and doing something about it a year and a half ago, I have maybe 1 of these every month. Maybe you do too. Maybe you have more than that. Maybe the bad outnumber the good. For what seems like no reason.

Don’t be afraid to get help. Let someone know. It’s ok to get yourself healthy. There’s nothing “wrong” with you that you can’t just be happy. Go see a therapist, or talk to a doctor about medications that might help, or both. It’s ok. It’s GOOD even. Don’t live in the black hole that is depression and anxiety. Realize it’s there and get help. You’re no less of a father or mother or son or daughter or friend or anything for getting help. In fact, I think it makes you an even better one.

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