What’s In Your Waterproof Compartment?

One of my favorite lines on Frozen 2 is when they find their parents boat. Anna makes a comment about a water proof compartment in the boat and Olaf questions why the whole boat isn’t just waterproof… it’s a good point honestly! Well… the boat IS waterproof but they understand that sometimes water still gets inside. Ships sink and there needs to be a safe spot.

We all have water that gets inside of our hearts too. Sometimes it’s anger and hate at someone or ourselves. Sometimes it’s shame. Sometimes it’s guilt. Sometimes it’s anxiety. The thing is, it’s going to happen. We find storms in life. They’re unavoidable. The key is to have that waterproof compartment.

What is that compartment? What, or should I say WHO, is able to handle EVERYTHING that life throws at us? God. That’s all. The last 7 days have shown me that. Life sucks. It’s hard. It’s unlivable at times. We’re going to take on water.

No matter how many people you have with you on the boat to bail water, things will get wet. If your relationship with God is not in that compartment, it’s easy to lose it. To allow it to deteriorate and fade away. You have to store God’s grace, love, and hope in that compartment.

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