Don’t Let Worry Hold You Back

There were numerous worries I had before coming home and how my daughter would react when I got home with one leg was one of them. This was her reaction.

I actually had to ask her if she wanted to see who could stand on one leg the longest before she noticed and after less than a minute she was back on to normal toddler life… wanting my phone.

That’s a lesson for life too. So many worries are just minor things that either don’t come to fruition or at worst are just minor “pains” in our life. My scan on Monday came back with the spot on my lung having grown again. I mean it’s the size of a pea right now but it’s growing. It could be cancer, it could be some infection, or it could be nothing. I don’t know.

If I said it didn’t bother me, I’d be lying. I think about it A LOT right now. I’ll find out more when we see my primary oncologist next week and what his thoughts are. My gut tells me that I’ll end up having it removed at some point this year which could mean having that chunk of my lung cut out. Sounds horrible but compared to a leg and half a pelvis, this would sound like a walk in the park!

That’s the only spot they’ve found ever since a year ago. So if it would come to that, that should be it. It may not even come to that. It could just be something benign too. Worrying about it and letting it get me down right now and effect how I interact with my daughter does no good though. Life is about looking at the possibilities, accepting that truly ANYTHING is possible, and moving on. We can’t let the possibilities of the future hinder our enjoyment of life in the now.

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