Coronavirus is NOT Something Some of Us Will “Move On” From

To all of you who are saying it’s not a big deal and “I’ll be fine” I want you all to take a look at these two images. The one is the message I received from the thoracic surgeons team and the other is of my wife, daughter, and I.

They’re going to be removing part of my lung. I’m going to have decreased pulmonary function and I will be high risk for problems. If I catch this disease after surgery, I’ll likely die. There will be no “moving on” for me. My 4 year old will grow up without her dad and my wife will become a widow before she turns 30.

There are so many people like my family right now. To us, it’s not just another “flu” or “cold.” To us, it’s life or death.

Next time you say that it’s not a big deal, look at my picture. Or look up pictures of local cancer fighters. Or transplant recipients. When you say it’s fine, you’re saying you’re ok with me dying. With my daughter growing up without her dad. This applies to things like the flu too but right now that’s not a pandemic.

Before you say it’ll pass, look at a family like mine. Don’t go out if you don’t need to. I can isolate myself, but my wife as a nurse cannot. She has to go to work and help. She may very well bring it back to me.

When you say it’s not a big deal and it’s a hoax or a conspiracy, you’re saying it’s ok that I die.

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