An Ethical Dilemma Test For the Big Things in Life

What goes through your mind as you are making a decision? I’m not talking about the wall color in your house or what car to get. I’m talking about the big ones. The ones that mayors, governors, and other elected officials are making. Ones that doctors are making, not just because of COVID-19 but ones that they make every day. I’m talking about the big ones.

I’ve heard all kinds of different ways to do these. Maybe you do it through a pros/cons chart. Or you talk it through with someone. Or you do a “test run” of sorts. We all have different ways that help our brains process and make decisions. The other day, the mayor of the largest city here posted a picture that included something many may not have noticed. It was a card below one of his computer monitors that read:

Ethical Dilemma Tests: Am I acting out of anger, lust or greed? Is my decision legal? What if my family was standing beside me? How will it make me feel in 20 years? Is it worth my job and career? What would I do if I were being videotaped? Would my loved ones be proud or ashamed? Am I following the golden rule?

These are the big questions to use to answer the big questions. I love these. After all of the charts, and talking things through, and everything you do to come to a decision, run it through these questions. When you think back through decisions in your life, what might have changed if you’d have taken the 15 minutes to work through these questions? I know a few of mine probably would have. Not just for going through these questions but for taking that 15 minutes to just think.


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