Hell’s Itch – a gift from Satan

Hell’s Itch. Also known as suicide itch. How many of you have ever heard of it before? I’m guessing not many of you. I share this not for pity but for information. It’s just like it sounds and happens after a sunburn.

Only 5-10% of people will experience this and that’s good. I got fried pretty good this weekend and I’m paying the price now. I’m not new to sunburns. I’m pretty fair skinned and burn easy but this is new. It’s not a normal healing itch. It’s an itch from, well, hell.

It’s bad enough that I’d happily trade my worst phantom pain foo point for it. I’d take the nausea from my first round of chemo over it! It’s that bad. If you get it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Should you encounter it or know someone that does, DO NOT put aloe on it. It makes it worse. It’ll hit about two days after your burn and lasts about the same from what I’ve read. All you can do is pop Benadryl and Ibuprofen and hang on for the ride.

On top of skin cancer, there are other things that happen with sunburn. As we enter summer and you’re spending more time outside, don’t be like Matt and forget to apply and reapply. Seriously. Don’t forget it.

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