History Repeating Itself

As I am working today I’m listening to the police scanner for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where I’ve many months out of the last two years and I’ll be honest, it terrifies me. It terrifies me for several reasons.

For starters, we’ve been through this as a country and yet history is repeating itself. What happened to MLK and Rosa Parks? Did we forget about everything from that period? As a country, we should be better than this. We MUST be better than this. Who cares what race someone is? Black, Hispanic, White, Asian… IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER.

Second, the fear that I can hear in some of the officers voices is incredible. These are men and women that, odds are, feel the same as the rest of us. George Floyd should be alive today. Odds are, these officers would be the first ones to stand up for George and his family. Yet they are being attacked simply for wearing a uniform. It’s no different than the reason this is happening.

Third, how on earth am I supposed to raise my daughter in all of this? We are more divided now than we have been as a country since the civil war. We’re supposed to be the most advanced, smartest, and knowledgeable as any time in history. We literally have the world at our fingertips at all times with our phones, tablets, computer, hell even cars! The squeaky wheel gets the grease sure, but at one point can we just just change it out?!

We have to demand better. We can’t let racism and hate rule our lives. I’ve said it before and I’ll live by this, for our society to thrive and survive, we have to have different thoughts and options and ideas but we have to listen and understand. Not attack with rocks or bottles or knees.

There’s a comic I’ve shared before that says I can’t change the world myself, but I’ve got kids and I’m going to raise them to know love and be a force of kindness. I know I’m not perfect and I’m not always the nicest when I feel I’ve been wronged but maybe, just maybe, if each of us is that force of kindness we can get passed all of this and not just survive as a society, but thrive.

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