National Cancer Survivors Day 2020

Happy national cancer survivors day! Being a survivor doesn’t mean you’re in remission or cured. Being a survivor just means you’re alive. You’re LIVING.

Even with terminal cancer, you can be a survivor as long as you’re continuing to live life. I don’t mean just taking breathes, either. I mean actually living and being an active participant in life.

So, no matter where you’re at in your cancer journey you can be a survivor! Share this with the cancer survivors in your life and let them know just how much they mean to you!!


3 thoughts on “National Cancer Survivors Day 2020

  1. Thanks, Matt. Sharing with a friend who has a PET scan tomorrow to see if his latest round of chemo was effective in holding the lymphoma at bay. Comes back to Sanford again on Wednesday to hear results, and back again on Friday to discuss with cancer doctor the plan for ‘what next.’ You know the rigamarol… So glad for how God is working in your life, but I also know and understand the thoughts/feelings of wishing God would leave me along and work on someone else… Have a good week! ~Mary V H


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