From the Mouth of Babes

This morning I was taught a pretty good lesson by a 4 year old…

We all have sayings like, “Don’t hold my past against me.” or “It’s a new day to start over.” and we like fresh starts. Nobody wants to have things from our past dredged up and used against us when we feel like we’ve changed. Or maybe that’s just me. I’ve done a lot of work to be present the last week with my family and not engrossed in other things. I feel like I did pretty good so this morning, while everyone else was sleeping, I sat down to play a little baseball on the PS4.

A little while later, Adelynn wanted to snuggle and play so I was tickling her in between pitches and she was crawling all over me. It’s hard to play while being a jungle gym!! I was just going to finish up that game and she wanted to keep playing so I told her to wait. I then heard “You’re not my best friend!” (Her favorite line btw!) That was followed up by “You always play your game!”


It didn’t matter what I’d done all week to her. What mattered was now. She didn’t care that I hadn’t played for whatever amount of time. As I thought about that saying of “Don’t hold my past against me” I realized that I’ll use the opposite of it and hold the GOOD things against someone else. Can’t have it both ways though…

Life is an every day, one day at a time event. I recently heard or saw something that said came out to “It’s not ‘you only live once,’ it’s ‘you only die once but you live every day’.” Take a minute to think about that.

Every day is a new day. A day to prove your love for your spouse or child(ren). A day to do something good for someone else. A day to make a difference in the world. Or… it could be the opposite.


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