My Most Embarrassing Moment

Once again, nothing like blasting something like this all over the net! Going back to middle school for this one too. I don’t remember much from my younger years but this one has stuck with me. During a basketball practice I was pantsed. It may not sound like much but it was added to everything […]

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What’s In Your Closet

Well I survived the fridge post so we’ll see if I survive this one… Much of the closet is my wife’s. Not that that probably surprises anyone!! I’ve got a bin full of ties (probably close to 30), a number of baseball hats, my binoculars, a few decorative things, dress shirts/pants, and my blazer. What […]

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Day 22 – Your Worst Habits

Who doesn’t like broacasting their worst habits all over the net… This is another post that I haven’t been looking forward to. Here we go… I play with my hair… constantly If I don’t have a very specific budget, I lost track of what I have spent I spend more time than I should on […]

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