I’m an Amputee

I’m an amputee. No, I didn’t lose my leg in war. I’m not a veteran and have never served but I am an amputee. I am not going to touch on the he said/she said side of everything but I am going to address the statements accused. “Nobody wants to see that.”“It’ll make people uneasy.” […]


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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

How many of you are afraid of failure? I’d bet most of you. If not almost everyone. For me, failure includes falling. It’s pretty easy to do actually. I think I’m coming up on 10 total falls now since my amputation. They vary from slipping on ice or wet floor to having a couple too […]

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Let Go and Live

I came across this quote before I lost my leg. Before it was anything more than a blip on the radar. This meant something to me just going through cancer, and it means even more now. There were so many things that I regretted and wished I could go back and change. Not staying with […]

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My 1 Year “Ampuversary”

This is the last picture of my left leg. I took this one year ago as I was waiting for surgery. (The blacked out part is my drain since my tumor was causing tons of bleeding.) It sounds weird but I wanted a picture of my leg before it was removed. I had an epidural […]

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Day 14 – 3 Healthy Habits

Probably my most recent one is working out. Whether that means going for a walk, a bike ride, going to the gym, or just doing some things at home; I have made every effort to find a way to build up my stamina and keep in shape. At my lowest point during chemo, I was […]

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