Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

How many of you are afraid of failure? I’d bet most of you. If not almost everyone. For me, failure includes falling. It’s pretty easy to do actually. I think I’m coming up on 10 total falls now since my amputation. They vary from slipping on ice or wet floor to having a couple too […]


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Mental Health

Today has been a difficult day. It’s been a down day. And for no real reason. I started the day with a fantastic message from someone I respect. Work was… well work so nothing negative. My phantom pain has been manageable, considering the weather change. Bentley has been about as good of a puppy as […]

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Break the Stigma

Mental health is as important as physical health. As guys, we are often taught through family, tv, or social media that it is not manly to be depressed or get help. That is the furthest from the truth however! For those of you that have seen the show “A Million Little Things” on ABC, they […]

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