Wasting Time

“Clocks would be a lot scarier if they were countdowns.”

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste on your phone scrolling social media or playing games? How about how much time you spend mindlessly watching TV? I’ll even throw in, how much time do you spend making sure your house looks perfect? What do you think your number is? (I bet it’s a lot more than what just popped into your head!) For those of you with iPhones, have you activated and looked at the feature “Screen Time” yet? If not, do it. Now. It will show you just how much time you spend on your phone and what you are doing with that time.

Now I want you to think about when you were a kid, maybe even your child’s age. Do you remember if the house was always clean? I sure don’t! And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t thanks to my brother and I, no matter how hard mom tried. If your like me, you remember mom taking Friday afternoons off so that you could go to the pool, the golf course, the go cart/mini golf place. Or maybe you remember weekends spent fishing with dad. At least I hope you do.

Now think about your kids, or better yet, ask them. What do they remember? What is their favorite part of the day? Don’t get me wrong, technology has done great things and provided many opportunities and we do need to keep the house at least a little picked up. What really truly matters at the end of the day though, is the time you spend with your kids. Whether it’s reading them the same book you’ve read 1000 times, putting together the puzzle for the millionth time, or pretending to be in trouble so that Chase and the Paw Patrolers can come save you. Those are the times your kids will remember.

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