Don’t just vote. Educate yourself first or don’t vote.

Yesterday we had our primary and local elections in South Dakota. Why does voting for your local dog catcher matter? You’re seeing why right now. Every single person in every position plays a role. It’s critical to vote. I won’t go so far as to say that if you didn’t vote you can’t complain. I […]


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What If the World was Blind?

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress? That’s a pretty powerful question to me. It takes away so many things, so many “accomplishments” that we think of. Suddenly, my missing leg and being out and about isn’t a big deal. “Oh, your jumping in a bouncy house with your daughter… great…” […]

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Who In Your Life Challenges You?

I want you think about the people in your life for a minute. You’re probably far more aware right now of those you’d consider important right now than normal. They’re the ones that you’re calling. Or FaceTiming. Or just wishing you could see in person again. Got some names? Here’s the all important question in […]

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Just Be Nice

I know many people are concerned, worried, stressed, or worse with what’s going on now. Some are worried about their health. Others their family. Their jobs. Their businesses. Their “normal.” I totally get it. I was there often times and I’m there again now. That doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk. Is your […]

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Leave It

Last night we worked on “leave it” with Bentley. Regardless of how you feel or what’s going on, it’s critical to find time to work with your dogs. I’ve been a little lax on that recently too and it showed. It took a couple of attempts to get this shot and being a lab, he’s […]

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