Who In Your Life Challenges You?

After 4 tries I finally got a good garage built for the truck and a dog house added on.

I want you think about the people in your life for a minute. You’re probably far more aware right now of those you’d consider important right now than normal. They’re the ones that you’re calling. Or FaceTiming. Or just wishing you could see in person again. Got some names?

Here’s the all important question in life? Is that at least one person that you don’t often agree with? One person that you can have totally different ideas from but still be able to discuss your point of view and listen to theirs? If not, why? Are you the one that can’t stay calm and listen to someone who doesn’t agree with you? Or do you just surround yourself with only people that think like you and avoid any difficult conversations?

If you don’t have anyone, I challenge you to find someone. How do you expect to grow if your only around people that think the same as you? Spoiler alert… you won’t! I don’t like to be wrong and God knows I’m not thrilled when someone makes a better point ally something that I hadn’t thought about. It’s hard. But it’s needed for growth.

We live in a society where it’s easy to just associate with only like minded people. To just type away and call each other names and pick teams. We see it all the time in Washington. It’s why nothing gets done. We’ve lost our ability to disagree and be civil. If we can’t have conversations on we think and we can’t actively listen, not just hear, we can’t move forward. As individuals. As states. As a country.

So. I ask again. Who in your life challenges you?

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