Perspective is Key

Listening to a podcast from 2019 that Kirstie Ennis was in and I love one of the things she said. “The right actions follow the right perspectives.” That’s an extremely power statement I think. Where you’re heart and mind are at is what will come out of you. If you’re filled with bitterness and mad at the world, you’re actions will reflect that.

I’ve said it before, I’d do almost anything to get my leg back or even “just” be an above the knee. I can’t though. My choice was let the cancer run it’s course or let them amputate. I’ll never forget when Dr. Cheng came in and spelled everything out. You could actually see that it hurt him to tell me what my options were.

Now though, I’m healthy. I’m not just alive but I’m living. I’m going to start back golfing. I’ve been out shooting sporting clays again. I’ve taken some swings out on the softball diamond. And now in September, thanks to Kirstie and her foundation The Kirstie Ennis Foundation, I get to learn how to climb! All that’s left is getting back out duck hunting and this moose will make that possible.

You’re perspective on life is what’s going to determine if you are an active participant in life or if you’re just a spectator.


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