Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

How many of you are afraid of failure? I’d bet most of you. If not almost everyone. For me, failure includes falling. It’s pretty easy to do actually. I think I’m coming up on 10 total falls now since my amputation. They vary from slipping on ice or wet floor to having a couple too many drinks to just trying to do something that I “shouldn’t.”

Outside of the couple that were alcohol related, I don’t regret any of them. And even those I don’t to be honest… Back to the point… they’ve been from doing things that I would do before or from testing my limits. It’s kind of like being a kid again and learning about my environment. I have to relearn how to do things. Just like a child learning to walk, I’m going to fall.

Are you afraid of falling? What if you weren’t? What if you approached life with the same mentality as that child learning to walk? You might just surprise yourself!


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