Life’s Big Questions

As we go though life, some of the questions we ask change. As events unfold and we enter new seasons in our lives, the questions that we thought were big no longer are. For me, those questions are no longer ones like “Why me?” or “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Instead, my […]

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2 Years After Cancer Diagnosis

2 years ago today we found out I had a mass in my leg. Fast forward through $1,500,000 in total charges, over 1 year on disability, 128 days in-patient, 31 units of blood, and 9 surgeries and here I am. The thing with cancer is that the “war” is never over. You just go from […]

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Every setback is a setup

This is my right lung. That little white spot on the bottom, we don’t know exactly what that is. What we do know is that it’s growing. There is a 6 month difference between these two pictures. It grew by over .5 cm and it’s now about the size of a pea. That’s it. A […]

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