Carrot, Egg, or Coffee Bean

Which one of these do you think you are? Which one do you want to be? How many of you are wondering if I’ve already started drinking at 9 am on a Saturday?? Rest assured, I have not started drinking… yet! Yesterday, at work I ran across a document about these three items and how they react to hot water (adversity).

Lets look at the carrot first. What happens when you put a carrot in boiling water? It becomes soft and mushy. What had been a sturdy vegetable that was crunchy and solid, has now turned to something that is just mush. (Also much less tasty than the unboiled version!!)

Second, the egg. I am sure many of us have decorated Easter eggs! Unless you’re like me where you bake them (look it up! It’s great) you know what boiling eggs does to them. It doesn’t look any different but inside everything has changed and became hard.

Lastly, the coffee bean. Instead of the bean being changed, it changes the water. While I am not a coffee fan myself, most would say that the water becomes better after the coffee beans.

So when you go through a tough time, which one do you want to be? Personally, I want to be the coffee bean but I know a lot of the time, I am the egg and I certainly don’t want to be the carrot!!

Do you go into something strong and ready to go but get beat up and come out soft? Do you go in weak and fragile but become calloused and hard inside while still looking the same outside? Or do you look at the situation and say that you won’t let it stay the same and change it?

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