Just Be Nice

I know many people are concerned, worried, stressed, or worse with what’s going on now. Some are worried about their health. Others their family. Their jobs. Their businesses. Their “normal.”

I totally get it. I was there often times and I’m there again now. That doesn’t mean you get to be a jerk.

Is your internet or cable not working? Be nice to the person trying to help you. They’ve probably talked to a hundred people already just as panicked as you are and there’s a hundred more.

Can’t get what you want or need at the grocery store? Don’t take it out on the cashier. They can’t control anything.

See someone stocking up on something? Maybe they’re buying for their elderly neighbors. Or the friends. Don’t assume it’s all just for them.

Just be nice. It can be REALLY hard in times like these. I know. But try.

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