Why A Strong Support System Matters

One of the things I do about every other day is go through the Google search I have saved of “Cancer News.” I’ll find and read articles about people like Justice Ginsberg and her cancer, stories about people going through treatment or passing away, studies done about different meds, and all kinds of other things. There are sad stories and amazing stories. There are articles about possible new treatments or tests to detect things early. I highly recommend doing it from time to time.

One of the things I read today and I’ve read other times, is that studies show that single people or people without any kind of support system don’t get the stronger chemo or more radical surgeries. Most of the time they aren’t even offered! While that may not be right, I can understand it. I can say without a doubt that I would have struggled beyond imagination with my chemo regimen and I would not be where I am now after my amputation.

My wife sat with me for weeks during chemo and all of my time in the Cities. This was possible because our parents could watch Adelynn and she had coworkers who were able to take care of our cats. The nursing staff was really like family and I consider many of them friends. I have a couple of the best doctors possible for what I had happen. My church family sent cards and gave donations and prayed constantly. My coworkers put together a fundraiser and tons of people came. Laramie’s coworkers donated PTO to her so she didn’t have as many days unpaid. My prosthetist and therapist have my best interest in mind. To say I have a strong support system would be an immense understatement.

All of this leads to things like going through an extremely tough chemo regime and being ok. It leads to me now weighing 180 pounds with 1 less leg which means I’d be over 200 pounds with 2 but I’ve got less fat on me. It leads to my surgeon saying things like he did today… “You’re doing what I told you you wouldn’t” when I walk with my leg in the office. I understand that my stubbornness helps, (finally it’s good for something!!) but it’s all of the support God has put around me that makes it all possible.

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