History Repeating Itself

As I am working today I’m listening to the police scanner for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where I’ve many months out of the last two years and I’ll be honest, it terrifies me. It terrifies me for several reasons. For starters, we’ve been through this as a country and yet history is repeating itself. What […]


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What If the World was Blind?

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress? That’s a pretty powerful question to me. It takes away so many things, so many “accomplishments” that we think of. Suddenly, my missing leg and being out and about isn’t a big deal. “Oh, your jumping in a bouncy house with your daughter… great…” […]

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2 Years After Cancer Diagnosis

2 years ago today we found out I had a mass in my leg. Fast forward through $1,500,000 in total charges, over 1 year on disability, 128 days in-patient, 31 units of blood, and 9 surgeries and here I am. The thing with cancer is that the “war” is never over. You just go from […]

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